Frequently Asked Questions

How do i control the weeds in my garden?

Weeds can quickly spred and no doubt your sick of trying to remove weeds on a daily basis. A good quality garden mulch will prevent the spread, growth and the speed at which your weeds pop through. Not only will a premium garden mulch promote the growth of your plants but it will enhance the appearance of your garden. The other option you have is to lay weed mat in your garden, this allows the weeds to only grow into the matting which means the are very easy to pull out.


What sand should i use in a sandpit?

The best sand to use in your sand pit is a Sydney Sand, this sand is classified as a beach sand and is free from any harmful materials. Always cover up your sand to ensure your local cats and wildlife dont urinate or soil your sand.


I need to make a pathway?

Making a pathway will enhance the appearance of your home or outdoor area. We provide a range a pebbles that will not only look great but will provide a durable and long lasting path. Use larger pebbles for bigger areas and consider small pebbles in more confined places.  


How do i prepare to lay new grass?

Good preperation of the ground underneath your grass will signaficantly increase the chances of healthy lawn. First of all you will need a premium quality turf underlay. Spread the underlay evenly with a rake at least 10 - 20 mm in thickness. Consider using a quality grass feed with crystals to promote a healthy lawn.