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Our range of Sands products


Fill Sand

Fill Sand (Screened) is a coarse fill material for under concrete or backfilling it is a recycled product and as such its colour will vary.

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Sydney Sand

Sydney Sand is a fine washed sand generally known as a beach sand. It is generally used for tiling and rendering but is also the perfect sand for the kids sandpit.

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White Brick Sand

White Brick Sand is an off white coloured sand that is used for mixing up a mortar. It can be mixed with either Builders Grey Cement or Off White Cement depending on the colouring of the mortar you are aiming for.


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Yellow Brick Sand

Yellow brick sand is used for general brick and block laying mortar mixes. The sand also makes an ideal base for inground pools

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Washed River Sand

Washed River Sand is a premium grade clean river sand that is ideal for use in any application that a clean coarse sand is required. Commonly used for mixing concrete or as a bedding in horse arenas


Washed River Sand is Suitable for mortar, concrete, render, grout mixes, fish tanks, hobby modelling requirements & agricultural uses

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